30 Must-Try Korean Hairstyle Men You’ll Love 2024

I spent hours scrolling through Pinterest to find the 30 most stylish Korean Hairstyle Men. What are you waiting for? Lets dive in!

Best Korean Hairstyle for Men

Textured Wave

I’ve always been drawn to the Textured Wave because it’s got that laid-back, yet stylish feel. The waves add personality and movement, making it a go-to for days when I want to look effortlessly cool.

textured wave
by Pinterest

Side Part

There’s something about a Side Part that feels so classic and confident. It’s a style that I admire for its simplicity and elegance, perfect for both casual hangouts and formal events.

side part
by Pinterest

Messy Wave

The Messy Wave is just so fun and carefree! I adore its spontaneous look, which brings out a playful side while still keeping things fashionable.

messy wave
by Pinterest

Slicked Back Hair

The Slicked Back Hair is sleek and sharp, a style that means business but also has a smooth, suave edge that I can’t get enough of.

slicked back hair
by Pinterest

Modern Pompadour

I included the Modern Pompadour because it’s bold and makes a statement. It’s a fusion of classic and contemporary that stands out in a crowd, and I respect that kind of confidence.

modern pompadour
by Pinterest

Textured Crop Top Fade

This hairstyle brings the best of both worlds – texture on top for an interesting look and a fade on the sides for a clean finish. I think it’s super trendy and gives off a fresh, modern vibe.

textured crop top fade
by Pinterest

Layered Long Hair

Long, layered hair is just gorgeous to me. It’s versatile and can be styled in so many ways, plus the layers create a lovely dimension that catches the eye.

layered long hair
by Pinterest

Vintage Wave

The Vintage Wave harks back to old Hollywood glamour, and I find that incredibly cool. It’s a nod to the past with a timeless charm that’s always in style.

vintage wave
by Pinterest

Short Textured Cut

I’m a fan of the Short Textured Cut because it’s low-maintenance yet still looks sharp. The texture adds an interesting touch to what could be a simple style.

short textured cut
by Pinterest

Clean Side Part

The Clean Side Part is neat and tidy, which I appreciate for its professional appearance. It’s a style that’s understated but speaks volumes about attention to detail.

korean hairstyle men
by Pinterest

Man Bun

I like the man bun because it’s a versatile look that can go from casual to sophisticated with ease. It’s cool because it adds a bit of edge to any outfit, and it’s perfect for when I want to keep hair out of my face while still looking stylish.

man bun
by Pinterest

Top Knot with Undercut

The contrast between the shaved sides and the top knot really stands out to me. I think it’s a bold statement that’s both modern and daring. I included it because it represents a fearless approach to personal style.

top knot with undercut
by Pinterest

Casual Man Bun

There’s something effortlessly cool about a casual man bun. I like how it suggests a laid-back vibe but still keeps things neat. It’s on the list because it shows you can be relaxed while still looking put-together.

casual man bun
by Pinterest

Sleek Man Bun with Undercut

This hairstyle impresses me with its clean lines and sharp contrast. I think it’s cool because it takes the man bun to a more fashion-forward level. I included it for its sleek and contemporary appeal.

sleek man bun with undercut
by Pinterest

Long Wavy Hair with Side Part

I appreciate the natural flow and the classic feel of long wavy hair with a side part. It’s cool because it works for both casual and formal settings, and I included it for its timeless elegance.

long wavy hair with side part
by Pinterest

Medium Length with Side Part

I’m drawn to the simplicity and the understated sophistication of this look. It’s cool in its versatility, and I like that it’s easy to maintain. It made the list for its everyday practicality with a touch of class.

medium length with side part
by Pinterest

Side-Parted Sleek Hair

The sharpness and structure of this style are what appeal to me. It’s cool because it’s both professional and polished. I included it because it’s a go-to for making a great impression in any formal situation.

side-parted sleek hair
by Pinterest

High-Top Fade

I find the high-top fade exciting because of its strong presence and the way it highlights facial features. It’s cool due to its urban flair and the confidence it exudes. It’s included for its statement-making potential.

high-top fade
by Pinterest

Short Textured Cut

I like the ease of styling and the modern touch it brings. It’s cool because it’s low-maintenance but still trendy, and I included it because of its adaptability to different looks and occasions.

short textured cut
by Pinterest

Long Wavy Hair with Middle Part

I’m a fan of how this style softens and frames the face. It’s cool because it gives off a relaxed, bohemian vibe. I included it on the list for its natural and free-spirited charm.

long wavy hair with middle part
by Pinterest

Sleek Side-Parted Undercut

This style is a modern classic that I really appreciate. It features a well-defined side part and shorter sides, creating a clean and sharp look. I included it in the list because it’s versatile, suitable for both casual and formal occasions, and it adds a touch of sophistication to any outfit.

sleek side-parted undercut
by Pinterest

Short Tapered Athletic Cut

The Short Tapered Athletic Cut is all about simplicity and functionality. It’s a practical choice, especially for those with an active lifestyle. I like it because it’s easy to maintain and keeps me feeling comfortable throughout the day. It’s a cool and sporty option.

short tapered athletic cut
by Pinterest

Casual Textured Tousle

This hairstyle has a relaxed and effortlessly stylish vibe. It’s great for a casual, carefree look that I often opt for during weekends. The textured tousled finish adds a touch of charm and personality to my appearance.

casual textured tousle
by Pinterest

Slicked Back Undercut with Side Shave

The Slicked Back Undercut with Side Shave is a bold and confident choice. It’s one of my favorites because it exudes power and sophistication. The sleek, slicked-back top combined with shaved sides creates a striking contrast that demands attention.

slicked back undercut with side shave
by Pinterest

Classic Side Part

The Classic Side Part is a timeless and elegant hairstyle that I included because of its universal appeal. It’s a versatile option that works well in various settings, from professional environments to social gatherings. I appreciate its traditional charm.

classic side part
by Pinterest

Refined Combed Back Style

This hairstyle is all about refinement and neatness. I like it for its polished and sophisticated appearance. It’s a great choice when I want to look sharp and put-together for important meetings or events.

refined combed back style
by Pinterest

Professional Side Part

The Professional Side Part is a variation of the classic side part, tailored for a more formal setting. It’s one of my go-to styles when I need to make a professional impression. I appreciate its clean and organized look.

professional side part
by Pinterest

Neat Deep Side Part

The Neat Deep Side Part is another take on the classic side part, with a deeper parting. I included it because it adds a subtle twist to the traditional style. It’s a choice for those who want to stand out while maintaining a classic aesthetic.

neat deep side part
by Pinterest

Soft Side Part with Gentle Sweep

This hairstyle has a softer and more relaxed approach to the side part. It’s a great option when I want to appear approachable and friendly. The gentle sweep adds a touch of casual charm.

soft side part with gentle sweep
by Pinterest

Sharp Side Part with Defined Comb Over

The Sharp Side Part with Defined Comb Over is a high-impact style. I included it because of its precision and boldness. It’s a confident choice for individuals who want a strong and commanding presence.

sharp side part with defined comb over
by Pinterest

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