Anti-Ai Policy

Many brands and websites employ Artificial Intelligence (AI) to generate content, a practice utilized by thousands, if not millions. Every time AI takes the place of a human in this task, it propels the industry towards a future where written content becomes less imaginative, less individualized, and considerably less beneficial for the audience.

AI-generated written content primarily involves extracting material from existing websites and rephrasing it to circumvent copyright laws, thereby appropriating the efforts of real people in the field who conducted the research without due recognition.

At EnergyInHuman, we make it a point to produce close, human, and authentic content by collaborating with creative minds and industry experts such as specialists and stylists and with feedback from our readers to create top-notch content, handcrafted inspiration collections and our personal opinions like experiences that are passionate and individual.

AI cannot offer insights into the quality of a product, provide firsthand experiences from testing, share opinions on the latest developments, or conduct interviews with prominent figures in the industry for in-depth feature articles.

Our content is always written exclusively by people and regularly reviewed by independent experts. We don’t mass produce content but take time with each article to ensure we only showcase the best images, expert opinions, and relevant content.

We also update each article regularly (at least every 3 months, to be exact) to check them for relevance, helpfulness, and timeliness.

Our standard is to produce the best content out there – and to do that, we always go the extra mile.

We will personally conduct research, scour the internet for concealed facts, engage with industry insiders for unique narratives, and impartially test products.

EnergyInHuman refrains from utilizing AI for content creation, research, or fact verification.

We stand as an independent publication staunchly committed to championing creativity within the industry, rather than replacing it with AI.

In an era where content feels more automated than ever, we aim for our brand to exude a personal, approachable, and natural touch.

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